Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I HATE about Deployment....

Okay, hate is a strong word but I really really really don't like deployment. No I was right, I hate it. There are literally so many things to hate about deployment. Apart from the obvious - not getting to see my other half, there are so many reasons to hate deployment. I asked some girls on Facebook and here were their responses.

Deployment is an extremely lonely time for a military wife. A lot of times friends will alienate you, you feel like you aren't important to anyone, and you ache for your SO to be home. 
Deployment is scary. When I don't hear from my husband when I'm supposed to I swear my heart will beat irregularly until I do. I play through a thousand scenarios a minute.
Deployment drags. I can say this because I am not even half way through deployment with my husband and I swear it has felt like a year. Seriously. I check my "Doing Time" app everyday to see how much red I have left. 
Deployment is frustrating. I think I have a shorter fuse because of this deployment. I get annoyed by anything and everything very quickly. I feel like I'm always on edge. Basically I'm a walking time bomb. 

What I think I hate more than anything at all..when someone will ask where my husband is or what he does and I reply that he is deployed.. I swear people will look at my like I just fought a war or something. I'm not trying to dumb down what any military wife does because let's face it, it is a job of its own. But what I am doing here in no way or shape even matches what my husband is doing overseas. There is no comparison and there is no need to give me a sympathy vote. Trust me, I'll get by without it. I'm not some poor soul who doesn't know what to do with my life because my husband is gone. Am I sad? Yes. Am I lonely? Yes. Do I wish he was home??? Absolutely. Will I lock myself in my room until he gets back? Absolutely not. I still have a life to live, dreams to chase, and our life to build here. Just keep all of that in mind. We are strong because if we aren't we will be broken. 

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