Monday, November 26, 2012

Favorite Finds!

Since it is getting close to Christmas I thought I would compile a special wishlist of sorts with my favorite items from some of my favorite shops. A lot of these will be army related but the shops I mention represent all branches of the military and I'm confident you could find something to fit your own needs!

The first shop I'm highlighting is Love and War clothing!
I love all of the designs in this shop, for every branch there is something I would love to wear! There is tons of variety in this shop!

1. I love this off the shoulder sweatshirt because she took one of her original designs and instead of an 'O' in love she customized it for the army & replaced it with an army star! 
(buy it here)

2. I want and will eventually buy this sweatshirt! I'd like it in 'pewter' or 'red'. It is just so cute and sparkly and looks very comfy! These are completely customizable too which is also nice.
(buy it here)

3. THIS TOP. Because let's face it, it's the truth! I don't mind reminding the people around me of that simple fact either! This also comes in a red sweatshirt.
(buy it here)

4.  WEAR THIS TO THE GYM DAILY. I mean I love working out, honestly I do. I get lazy when it comes to actually getting to the gym but I love being up in the gym. I'll add this to my collection of get fit gear soon! I personally like the orchid color!
(buy it here)

5. Okay, I couldn't help myself. I love these little panties. The saying just makes me giggle!
(buy it here)

The second shop I'm highlighting is Military Dolls!
Mrs. Colleen Neal has worked hard to produce not only fashionable clothing but has succeeded in creating a great brand! These are my faves from mil dolls!

1. Report for booty panties, how could you not love these! Too cute!
(buy this here)

2. One thing I love about Military Dolls is the use of fonts! And the branding on each top in a tasteful way. The patiently waiting top is perfect for a girl going through deployment
(buy it here)

3. A SCARF! I'm too obsessed with scarves not to love this mil dolls scarf! I also love the signature Military Dolls design.
(buy it here)

4. Perfect for the gym! Everyone will know you are there for business. Love the saying on this fitness top!
(buy it here)

5. I love that she brands the tops so tastefully. I love this racerback it's perfect for the gym or layering to wear just about anywhere!
buy it (here)

The third and final store I'm highlighting is At Ease Designs!
I actually own a product from this shop! A deployment bracelet. My husband bought it for me right before he left! I love the variety of items she has in her shop.

1. I already know that her jewelry is great quality and I just love this little necklace, could be worn with anything!
(buy it here)

2. I love this one because I love the little boots ( :
It's a cute bracelet overall!
(buy it here)

3. I love this cute little saying & it's a cute top in general! 
(buy it here)

4. Red Friday top. This one is nice because it's a conversation starter.  A perfect time to tell anyone about your SO and what Red Friday means to you! Just make sure you wash it throughout the week so you can wear it every Friday! I also love the detail on the back.
(buy it here)

5. It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. This is a nice mantra! Can I just say that I love that it is printed on a soffee top?!
(buy it here)

So that's my wishlist and those are my favorites from my favorite shops! Hope I gave you some ideas for what you may want to ask for Christmas! Don't forget to check out those shops for your own favorite finds!

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