Monday, November 12, 2012

Our weekend

Over the weekend hubs and I had his battalion ball! Over the summer I had gotten a dress from a local dress stores sidewalk sale for 69.00! It was a steal and I tucked it away especially for the ball. It's odd to think that I had thought Kendall was going to propose at the ball, when little did I know we'd already be married! I had an old friend do my hair. It was just a bunch of curls pinned up. Originally we had left some of the curls dangling down, but I eventually pinned those up as well. I probably won't get my hair done for the next ball. I felt a little silly with my hair all done up. I felt slightly awkward because I didn't know a lot of people at the ball but I met some and had a blast with Kendall. 
We had some fun taking goofy pictures on the ride home...

Our car still says "just married" on the back... haha

For veterans day we were going to go to Applebee's so he could get a free meal but opted out when we found out how long the wait was. We decided to go to our favorite place instead.. Frisch's Big Boy! Kendall got a cheeseburger like he always gets and I also got a cheeseburger. I had sweet potato fries, him regular. We both also got the salad bar and shared a hot fudge cake. Mmmm. Kendall was still in his ACUs from the day. Our waitress brought over our check and informed us that someone had paid for our meal! 
We have no idea who the Good Samaritan was. An older couple stopped by our table before they left and thanked Kendall for his service and the woman looked at me and said "I also want to thank you." I just smiled, but I really wanted to tell her that I don't do anything! I haven't and most likely won't risk my life for my country! All I do is love a soldier, and that's not hard.

How was your weekend?

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