Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Great Puppy Debate

I am a planner. Anyone who knows me knows I need to have a plan. This deployment has given me an opportunity to make many plans. I've looked at a few apartments/townhomes and even made a spreadsheet for the places I've seen online that I'll visit at some point. I've also started semi-planning our Disney trip which is actually our honeymoon! I also managed to buy (put in layaway) furniture for basically the entire house! I've done all of these things while also trying my hardest to include Kendall. While we are messaging I'll send him websites for him to look at and we'll discuss what we think about the apartment, vacation plan, or furniture item.

Now, this brings us to The Great Puppy Debate.. We know that we want a puppy for our new place when he comes home. After some begging he has basically relinquished the decision of what breed to me! Even though there are some breeds I cannot talk him into! I want a small/medium sized dog, I'd rather them be small. I don't want them to be too yappy, but I want a dog that will cuddle with me!

Some of the breeds I've been looking into include...

Shiba Inu
img found on weheartit
img found on weheartit

Malti Poo

img found on weheartit

Miniature Australian Shepherd
img found on puppyfind
So I'm between these breeds. He isn't too keen on the Malti Poo but when he gets back we will do a little bit of puppy shopping and I'm sure we'll find one that we'll fall in love with. Anyone have any advice on puppy buying? What are your favorite breeds?

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  1. Charleigh- i have a malti-poo. love him. greatest dog ever! Brandon and I were once looking into the australian shepard to have of our own and they seem like great dogs too! good luck :)

  2. If you plan on living in an apartment or town home with no yard I would recommend you not get an Australian Shepherd. They are herding dogs and require a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. I had one and they have so much energy and they need room to run around.

  3. That Shiba Inu is too cute for words!! Ive always loved beagles but they are just so darn hyper!


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