Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's going on?

I have some news. My husband and I have made a collective decision to push back our wedding. For those of you who don't know, we got married in November but were planning a big wedding for when he got home form deployment. After realizing that when he gets home not only are we going to have to get an apartment, possibly furniture, another car, and of coarse I want a puppy... We decided that to wait was a much better decision.

Sometimes I'm so amazed by our maturity as a couple. Then I just think back to our parents and realize why we are who we are. S/O to the parents! So now my focus has shifted from planning an elaborate wedding to finding the perfect apartment and trying to find great furniture that will still be feasible. My mom has often said I have a champagne taste but a beer budget. So far, I have made a spreadsheet of different apartments in the areas we are interested in. All I know is I would like a pool and a fitness center at the apartment. What are some other good amentities to look for when apartment shopping? Obviously I'm clueless...

I know this is kind of a boring post..

Kendall is fine! In case anyone was wondering. We get to skype about once a week and we get to Facebook message just about everyday. I feel so blessed. I remember back to when we were thinking that our only means of communication would be letters. I wouldn't be complaining if it was. We still send letters occasionally and I love reading his. He draws funny pictures and always can pick me up with his words. Having letters is such a powerful thing, mostly because I can touch them. Kendall sent me 12 chocolate covered strawberries, an oragami owl necklace, flowers, and my fave candy for valentines day.

I have started going to a bible study that I love, S/O to the 20Somethings! It has been an incredible experience to get back in the word. I feel a lot better these days.

I just got done with spring break, which was about a week too short! I headed to Florida last minute with some friends from Bowling Green. I have a new obsession with alligators & let's just say I ate..a lot.

I'm about to start on another care package that will include Kendall's souvenirs from Florida & of course it will be themed and cute and there will be a blog post.

I ALMOST FORGOT! I cut all of my hair off.. haha!
All that hair gone!

Hoping this miserable Ohio weather clears up...

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  1. As far as apartment hunting, Always look for what amenities are included, one place might have cheaper rent but you have to pay everything else while others might have a lot included. If you are living in a complex always ask what their fees are, for trash, sewage, to keep the lights on. They will get you with all that stuff. Pools and fitness centers are nice but you use them a lot less than you'd think and they tend to jack up the rent haha That was one of my requirements and I live in a place with both, I've used each one time. Look at squarefootage when comparing rents. Also try to get a place with a washer and drying IN the unit, not just the "hookups". Figure out what the deposits are, sometimes places run specials and wont charge you an application fee or a whole months rent as a deposit. All those add up. Read the reviews online from the tennats now, make sure your landlord / apartment complex takes their job seriouesly. nothing worse than having something break and it taking two weeks to get it fixed. Make sure they are reliable! And check what size dog you are allowed to have, most places will only allow small dogs and thats anohter 30-50 a month if you have a pet.

    Hope this helps!

  2. Good luck with the apartment hunt! My husband and I are currently trying to find a house. A little bit of a pain in the butt! I am shocked by how expensive housing is in Cali compared to where I live! I love the haircut! Isn't it a great feeling to take a risk and do something like that? It looks great!


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