Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Well I just wanted to post the Valentines Day care package that I sent to my husband. I wanted to wait until he had it before I posted about it on here ( :
Firstly, unless you are newly in a military relationship you already know that when it comes to the packages..getting the large flat rate box is your best bet.
 I had went to Target & scoured the dollar spot there and pick up some scrap booking paper and conversation heart stickers. I knew I would use these solely for decorating purposes so I covered the walls on the inside of the box.

 On one of the plain red sides I covered it in the conversation hearts. In my package of hearts there were ones that said "text me" but I omitted those since, well, he can't.

 When choosing what to put in your box always make sure it not only reflects you, but also your relationship and your significant other! Inside of my box was:

  1. a teddy bear holding a heart that says "yours"
  2. blank cards- that I wrote on- 7 of them
  3. chocolate covered fortune cookies
  4. an R2D2 box with chocolates
  5. hershey kisses
  6. some Frisches Big Boy valentines (its our favorite place)
  7. like 26 fruit roll ups 
  8. a frog stuffed animal 

"Happy Valentines Day Baby!"

This is without the fruit roll ups & his other animal!

"Come home! Missing you LIKE CRAZY!"


I think my first care package was a success. So tomorrow I am going to dinner and a movie with my little brother for Valentines Day. I've never really been like a crazy person about Valentines Day. I don't know, to me it just feels like another day that is inching by throughout this deployment. Bleh. Well I hope everyone eats lots of chocolate and has a fabulous Valentines Day!

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  1. You did a great job! :-) The dollar bins at Target are the best!


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