Monday, November 26, 2012

Favorite Finds!

Since it is getting close to Christmas I thought I would compile a special wishlist of sorts with my favorite items from some of my favorite shops. A lot of these will be army related but the shops I mention represent all branches of the military and I'm confident you could find something to fit your own needs!

The first shop I'm highlighting is Love and War clothing!
I love all of the designs in this shop, for every branch there is something I would love to wear! There is tons of variety in this shop!

1. I love this off the shoulder sweatshirt because she took one of her original designs and instead of an 'O' in love she customized it for the army & replaced it with an army star! 
(buy it here)

2. I want and will eventually buy this sweatshirt! I'd like it in 'pewter' or 'red'. It is just so cute and sparkly and looks very comfy! These are completely customizable too which is also nice.
(buy it here)

3. THIS TOP. Because let's face it, it's the truth! I don't mind reminding the people around me of that simple fact either! This also comes in a red sweatshirt.
(buy it here)

4.  WEAR THIS TO THE GYM DAILY. I mean I love working out, honestly I do. I get lazy when it comes to actually getting to the gym but I love being up in the gym. I'll add this to my collection of get fit gear soon! I personally like the orchid color!
(buy it here)

5. Okay, I couldn't help myself. I love these little panties. The saying just makes me giggle!
(buy it here)

The second shop I'm highlighting is Military Dolls!
Mrs. Colleen Neal has worked hard to produce not only fashionable clothing but has succeeded in creating a great brand! These are my faves from mil dolls!

1. Report for booty panties, how could you not love these! Too cute!
(buy this here)

2. One thing I love about Military Dolls is the use of fonts! And the branding on each top in a tasteful way. The patiently waiting top is perfect for a girl going through deployment
(buy it here)

3. A SCARF! I'm too obsessed with scarves not to love this mil dolls scarf! I also love the signature Military Dolls design.
(buy it here)

4. Perfect for the gym! Everyone will know you are there for business. Love the saying on this fitness top!
(buy it here)

5. I love that she brands the tops so tastefully. I love this racerback it's perfect for the gym or layering to wear just about anywhere!
buy it (here)

The third and final store I'm highlighting is At Ease Designs!
I actually own a product from this shop! A deployment bracelet. My husband bought it for me right before he left! I love the variety of items she has in her shop.

1. I already know that her jewelry is great quality and I just love this little necklace, could be worn with anything!
(buy it here)

2. I love this one because I love the little boots ( :
It's a cute bracelet overall!
(buy it here)

3. I love this cute little saying & it's a cute top in general! 
(buy it here)

4. Red Friday top. This one is nice because it's a conversation starter.  A perfect time to tell anyone about your SO and what Red Friday means to you! Just make sure you wash it throughout the week so you can wear it every Friday! I also love the detail on the back.
(buy it here)

5. It doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. This is a nice mantra! Can I just say that I love that it is printed on a soffee top?!
(buy it here)

So that's my wishlist and those are my favorites from my favorite shops! Hope I gave you some ideas for what you may want to ask for Christmas! Don't forget to check out those shops for your own favorite finds!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wishing you & yours a Happy Thanksgiving

First things first! HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I hope you all have a magical time with your family and friends today. I'm inspired by people who go and volunteer on Thanksgiving. Personally, I have three Thanksgivings to try to make it to today. I am working Black Friday so I won't be getting caught up in crazy deals and running to try to get a special gift. I've been thinking about what I am thankful for. It might be the same as your list but this is the first year (excluding worksheets in elementary school) that I've seriously contemplated what I am thankful for. I attribute that to my husband. I think he has truly shown me that I have so much  in life to be thankful for. So! Here is my list of what I am tankful for.

1. My husband, he is sweet, caring, challenging, headache forming, panic attack inducing, and perfect. He is everything I could ever wish for and want. I am so in love with him that I will never want anyone besides him! I've realized how thankful for him I truly am.

2. I am thankful for my family. I haven't ever truly realized the power of family, this past year has opened my eyes to how much my family loves me and how much they will do for me. I'm thankful for my new additions to my family--Kendall's family. This group of people has been there for me since day one. They have gone above and beyond and have truly shown me their love. I'm thankful for my mother, she is an incredibly strong  woman and though sometimes we don't agree she always seems to try to put her own feelings aside to see my happiness. I'm thankful for my father and my stepmom, I haven't always been the closest with his side of the family but within this past year especially I have felt very much closer to them and they have gone out of their way for me more than a few times this year. Last but not least I am thankful for my Aunt & Uncle. They have always made up for what my parents could not provide for me. They treat me as if I am their own child. I know they think I only come see them when I need something but they never shy away from helping me when I need it. They would hate to see me go without and they do everything they can to make sure I don't. These are just a few of the amazing people in my family. I love all of my siblings, cousins, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. 

3. I'm thankful for my support group of friends. They are each unique in their own ways. Alexis for always being there for me and for worrying so much about me and always having my back. JT for being the funniest person I know and for always being my ride home. Josie for being the best roommate anyone could ask for and for putting up with my messy ways. Erin for being the best friend anyone could ask for, for always listening to me, for never judging, and for being my twin. Julian for being my singing buddy, for always being there, for goofing around with me, for buying me food, and for being my best friend. These people are all my best friends. Now that they are in my life I cannot imagine how I would be without them. 

4. I'm thankful for a working mind and body. I'm so blessed to be in good physical and mental condition. 

5. I'm thankful for my talents. Though I have few I am talented in some ways. I'm a pretty funny person. I'm not a pop star but I can hold a tune.

There are so many things in life to be thankful for. I didn't want to name material things but yes I am thankful for a home, laptop, bed, cell phone etc. These simple things are things that we take for granted sometimes. We are so used to having our cell phones that we kind of don't remember what life was without one. (sad I know!!!) Think about everything you are thankful for. Basically everything I touch I am thankful for! 

My husband is not home for Thanksgiving this year. I'm trying to enjoy the day as much as I can. I wish he could be here watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade with me and traveling from house to house for dinners today. I haven't experienced a Thanksgiving with him yet, but I still feel as though something very large is missing from this Thanksgiving. I'm praying that he still enjoys himself with his friends. 

Happy Thanksgiving my friends, hold your family close, have lots of turkey or tofuturkey, and get your gameplan ready for your Black Friday shopping spree.  

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

So over the weekend I turned a fabulous 19! I filled my weekend with both family and friends. Had chipotle with my mother, the inlaws made me dinner, I had ice cream cake and played Clue with my dad, and last but certainly not least saw Twilight with my buddies from school!

 Got my cartilage pierced!
 My best friend and I with our Twilight cups!
Okay I'm going to be a big girl right now and talk about how much I loved Twilight. I'm a sucker for that franchise. In case you were wondering I'm an Edward fan. He is just the epitome of a lovely romantic man. Anyway at the end of the movie when they roll credits but show video clips of each character..I don't know if I was crying because of the saga coming to a close or because the song playing was the one I walked down the aisle to... watching the movie in general made me miss my husband so much. I doubt he would have willingly seen the movie with me but he would have seen it regardless. I just miss him in general. 

Another year older and I would say I'm wiser. I am very happy with my life but if you would asked me last year at my surprise 18th birthday party if I'd be married within the next year I would have thought you were crazy for even asking such a thing. I have grown up so much within one year and I'm proud of myself for it. Everyday I learn the value of family. I learn who my real friends are and I learn more about myself. I am slowly but surely becoming the wife my husband deserves and am anticipating and planning for the family I want someday. I'm making decisions to better my life in the future. I'm becoming a strong individual and am also learning to be a little more independent. 

I'm excited for the years to come and glad I have a place to share them.

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Featured in the paper

My husband and I were featured in the newspaper the day of his ceremony! 

A gorgeous picture of me & my brother was plastered on the front of the paper. I swear Jacob is such a smart kid. He was probably thinking to himself "How can I get this guy to take a picture of me?" As the soldiers were leaving the gym he flashes a peace sign to the train that was walking right in front of our seats. Of coarse the newspaper had to get a picture of him..and subsequently me because I was holding him.
The writer also quoted the both of us: 
"Charleigh Clark of Columbus, who was holding her little brother, Jacob, 3, during the ceremony said so many thoughts were racing through her mind since her husband is among the troops making the deployment."I am really proud of him," she said. "I am scared and I am happy. I am already counting down the days for him to come home."Her husband, Pfc. Kendall Clark, embraced her in a long hug and kiss following the ceremony."This is my first deployment," he said. "I am ready to do what needs to be done so I can get back home." "
See the full story here.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today I said goodbye to my best friend, or "see ya later". Actually we didn't say either of those things. I have been putting off even thinking about this deployment for so long that when I woke up today I felt like it was a regular day. When I arrived at the venue where the Call to Duty Ceremony was held I realized this was not a regular day. While waiting for my family I started to do something thinking and I realized after today I wouldn't see Kendall for a long time. I was in and out of bouts of crying when my family met up with me. We walked into the building and I felt like everything was pretty much a blur. I didn't try to look anyone in the eye, I just wanted to get to my seat.

 The ceremony was alright. I calmed down quite a bit. After the ceremony I was approached by some local journalists who had snapped a picture of me and my little brother.

Then Kendall came back in for some last minute family time. I let everyone else have him before I latched on to him for dear life.

I was blubbering like a baby...

He didn't cry though. He assured me that he would come home and that he loves me with all of his heart. I nodded and sobbed and told him I love him too. It seemed like I had all of two minutes with him before he had to leave for formation and shortly after climb onto a bus.

My family asked me if I wanted to walk toward the buses to see him off, I replied "no". I was a mess and didn't want him to see me that way, after some prodding I reluctantly agreed. As soon as I saw him I could tell he had been crying and my knees buckled. I fell forward onto my knees and cried harder. I felt like screaming. I was physically feeling pain that could only be attributed to the fact that I did not want him to leave. It's a scary feeling. I felt a great pit in my stomach. The buses drove away and my crying eventually subsided. I still feel tears welling up, I'm hoping this goes away soon.

So now it's 11:55, he has called me to tell me that he has made it to his barracks and that he loves and misses me already. My eyes hurt from the sting of so many tears and my heart is heavy. Though I am strong I am feeling very weak. I'm embarrassed that I could not be strong for him and for how I cried. I'll see him for Christmas and after that it's a long nine months until he is home from deployment. Friends, hold your loved ones close, it is truly a terrible feeling when they have to leave you.

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