Thursday, November 1, 2012


&&& This is my AMAZING fiancé!
 Kendall and I went to high school together. We went on one date my freshman year. Kendall was a junior at the time. We had gone to the Zoo Lights in Columbus. We kind of just drifted apart. Then one day my senior year I saw him running and texted him. We eventually went on a second-first date and I knew after about a week that I wanted him. I wanted to be with him. 
We dated for around 3 1/2 months before he proposed. I know that is like... wow. But we are so happy & I am so glad he is the one who I will spend my life with.

He is in the army and is deploying this month, I try to keep a brave face and pretend I'm ready..truthfully I don't know.

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