Friday, November 2, 2012

Weekend plans

Okay! I have dance class today (if I end up going) and my communication disorders class. THEN! I'm heading home to decorate my aunt and uncles beautiful home which is where the wedding will be! We are having a small rehearsal then I am going out for my "bachelorette party" with my mother and my two best friends to a karaoke bar! What could be better!?

Sunday you will have lots of photos of the wedding to gawk at. I'm glad that we are deciding to have two weddings. I like that the people I hold closest will be joining me today. I like that Kendall and I will be in jeans and there is no pressure. I'm happy that we are doing both, the big over the top wedding, as well as a small intimate ceremony. 

I'm just excited to be marrying my very best friend. I can't wait until we are waking up to each other this morning and never miss an episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday nights. He is everything I could ever want. I just know this is right. 

Well, happy Friday everyone! What are your weekend plans?

( to get you in a romantic mood.. this is the amazing song I'm walking down the aisle to! )

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