Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Birthday Weekend!

So over the weekend I turned a fabulous 19! I filled my weekend with both family and friends. Had chipotle with my mother, the inlaws made me dinner, I had ice cream cake and played Clue with my dad, and last but certainly not least saw Twilight with my buddies from school!

 Got my cartilage pierced!
 My best friend and I with our Twilight cups!
Okay I'm going to be a big girl right now and talk about how much I loved Twilight. I'm a sucker for that franchise. In case you were wondering I'm an Edward fan. He is just the epitome of a lovely romantic man. Anyway at the end of the movie when they roll credits but show video clips of each character..I don't know if I was crying because of the saga coming to a close or because the song playing was the one I walked down the aisle to... watching the movie in general made me miss my husband so much. I doubt he would have willingly seen the movie with me but he would have seen it regardless. I just miss him in general. 

Another year older and I would say I'm wiser. I am very happy with my life but if you would asked me last year at my surprise 18th birthday party if I'd be married within the next year I would have thought you were crazy for even asking such a thing. I have grown up so much within one year and I'm proud of myself for it. Everyday I learn the value of family. I learn who my real friends are and I learn more about myself. I am slowly but surely becoming the wife my husband deserves and am anticipating and planning for the family I want someday. I'm making decisions to better my life in the future. I'm becoming a strong individual and am also learning to be a little more independent. 

I'm excited for the years to come and glad I have a place to share them.

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