Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mr & Mrs Clark!

Okay I've had a longer than expected hiatus. Trying to get everything together and finalized before deployment has had me and hubby quite busy. But, as promised I have posted wedding photos. Let me give you the low down of our low budget, rustic, intimate wedding... if you have any questions feel free to ask!

  Kendall and I were both in jeans and a white top, due to chilly weather we had to layer a little bit. The wedding was held at my great-aunts house. Her stonework patio in the backyard was just big enough to hold our 45-50ish guests comfortably. My aunt even had a pergola that was in the backyard which Kendall and I stood under for our ceremony. We had folding chairs donated to us from family and friends. A lot of our decor was made! My family saved all of their jars from everything they used. We used jars just about everywhere we could. 

 My little brother was our ring bearer, we found a box from The Flower Factory and stained and painted K+C in a heart on the top. He was very excited to be our ring bearer, he says "ring bear" though. He anxiously walked back and forth from my dad to us the whole service. I think he was just as nervous as Kendall and I!

 Our officiator was actually my high school choir director! He became ordained on a whim and I took full advantage of his services! I'm very glad that the person who made us man and wife was someone I knew very well. Kendall and I both also wore Vans, mine were mint green! 

 I had seen this sign on pinterest and knew I wanted it at my wedding. Kendall is very close with my family as I am with his, I think this was one of those staples we needed for our ceremony!

Overall we had a really fantastic time. I have more pictures but I only put up my favourites. Our photographer was Kendall's younger brother. We did have a small reception with food, and cake. This wedding would not have been possible without our families help. I've been away at school and Kendall has been gone for pre-deployment training, our families pulled everything together for us. The wedding came together pretty perfectly. We were both extremely nervous. Both of my parents bawled, and his mother also shed some tears. It was fantastic to share the time with our families. I am so glad to be married to such a wonderful man. 

Now to take a few weeks off before planning the "vow renewal"... (a lot of our decor will be reused) 

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