Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pregnancy Week 14

  • How far along?: 14 weeks!
  • Milestones: 
  • Baby is the size of a: l e m o n
  • Total weight gain/loss: none
  • The Bump: There's definitely a bump!
  • Symptoms: I'm feeling pretty good these days
  • Food Cravings: fresh fruit & panera mac & cheese
  • Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Nothing recently, I'll just feel sick randomly.
  • Sleep: I sleep through the night, but once I wake up for any reason...I'm half asleep for the rest of the time.
  • What I miss: Not missing anything currently.
  • Weddings Rings On or Off: On
  • Any Names Picked Out Yet: Yep!
  • Gender: Don't know
  • Movement: Besides what I've seen on a monitor, nothing.
  • Maternity Clothes: I have a pair of jeans and a top
  • Labor Signs: N/A
  • Best Moment of the Week: went to another appointment with my momma. We also went to panera after & I made an appointment for a gender determination ultrasound.
  • What I’m excited about/looking forward to: MONDAY 31 WE WILL KNOW WHAT GENDER BABY CLARK IS!!

Until next time.

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