Friday, October 10, 2014

Baby is here!

I'm finally getting around to writing down my "birth story."
I ended up being induced. I decided that I didn't want to go far past my due date so I was scheduled for induction September 17th at 5:30 AM.
I think I slept all of 2 hours the night before. I couldn't help it. I was so nervous and excited. I was nervous about how the induction process went.. I had no idea what was going to happen and I really wanted a vaginal delivery. I was excited to meet this person that I had carried for 9 long months. I was anxious to see what he looked like and I was excited to snuggle him.
I got up about 30 minutes before our alarm went off. I got up, got dressed and put some makeup on. I woke up Kendall and we were ready to go.
We checked in at the hospital and were immediately taken to a laboring suite. The first nurse I had was switching out at 7:00 but she was pleasant. Notice I said pleasant. She was not super warm and bubbly and excited. However, I understood that she had been working all night and she was pretty pregnant herself. The nurse I had when they switched was awesome. She was a little bit older but she was very nice.
My plan was to have a natural birth. No epidural.
When they started pitocin and my contractions were being registered on the machine I was feeling good. I really couldn't feel the contractions all I felt was some pressure. I can't remember when they started pitocin but it was the first thing they did. I thought to myself "yeah I can do this! I can have a natural birth!"
Eventually they had to break my water- around 9:45 AM. Which to my surprise didn't hurt, but they also had to put internal monitors on the baby so that was uncomfortable..
Right after they broke my water I felt the contractions and they were horrendous. I have the upmost respect for people who can handle a natural birth. The contractions were terrible and I had to yell and scream through each one. I don't know why I put makeup on that morning because it was all on my pillow from writhing around in pain. I had to get the epidural, which is terrifying by the way. They had also given me nubane which made me absolutely loopy. I had to get out of bed for them to set up for my epidural and my knees were giving out. Kendall basically had to hold me up. After I had gotten the epidural I laid down and actually took a 30ish minute nap.. until I was rudely awakened by a searing pain in my left hip. It was terrible, I was screaming and crying. They checked me and I was dilated to 9! It was almost time to push! Next thing I  know they were bringing in the table with equipment and my doctor had shown up. She told me to start pushing when I felt ready. The way you feel contractions when you're ready to push is so difficult to describe.. it's an insane amount of pressure, you literally have to push. So I started pushing. The baby was low from the time we got there so he was already very low. Every time I was pushing I thought it'd be the last one but it wasn't. I was extremely hot, had a blood pressure cuff on, and an oxygen mask. I was exhausted and in an insane amount of pain. I was feeling annoyed and hopeless. I literally felt like he was never going to come out. Kendall started off on the left side of me, holding my hand. He eventually switched places with his mom who was down by the doctor. As soon as Kendall was beside the doctor he was crying. After each set of pushes I would cry out "I can't do it! He's not coming!" and everyone would reassure me that he was "right there." I ended up calling Kendall a liar, almost said the F-word, and I snapped at everyone when they were trying to make a joke. Labor isn't called fun for a reason... its WORK! I finally was so tired that I stopped holding my legs and put my hands behind my head to bear down and push..this must've been the golden ticket because I think after 3 more pushes he was finally out. Overall I had pushed for an hour and five minutes but trust me it felt like I had been pushing for an eternity. Seeing your baby for the first time is an amazing experience. I knew I loved him but I was so out of it. He didn't cry as soon as he was out and that worried me. They placed him on my chest and literally I think all I did was rub him and say "I thought you weren't going to come out." Kendall cut his cord and they took him to wipe him off. Then I had to deliver all the "extras." If you don't know what I'm talking about message me or something and I'll explain.
He was born at 4:21 pm and weighed 7.7 lbs and was 19 inches. After our family had seen him and it was just him and I was when it truly hit me. He was my baby. He was the one I was waiting to meet and he was gorgeous. I just kept stroking his cheek and whispered how much I loved him. This completely innocent and teeny tiny baby wrapped up was mine and he was perfect. That's when my tears came. From that moment my heart was so full I couldn't imagine what life would be like without him. Isn't that crazy?!
There was so much love that day, from my family, from friends, the nurses. It was all perfect and beautiful.

Here's some pictures from a hospital shoot with Lil'bit of Heart Photography (:


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