Thursday, December 6, 2012

December Goals

1. Try my very best on my finals
2. Work, work, work!
3. Make the best of the week I'll have with my husband
4. Figure out a schedule to work out & stick to it
5. Make some Christmas gifts!

Going to an ugly Christmas sweater party this weekend! The best friend and I have a little trick up our sleeve for our sweaters! I'll let you see the finished product later. Anyways, while shopping I found this adorable sweater.

Too cute and I had to get it, I'm sure my family will get a kick out of it when I wear it to Christmas! I really want to go thrifting soon for some oversized sweaters. There were so many to choose from! An oversized sweater + leggings + boots + scarf = a perfect daily outfit in the winter! I am so excited to put together my special surprise sweater for the party. 

Hope you college kids are surviving the wrap up of the semester. I am struggling, bad. Doing some extra credit tonight and tomorrow and just hoping to squeak by and pass these classes! HAPPY END OF THE SEMESTER! It's almost winter break. Just hang in there ( :

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