Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Do you want to be an angel?

Last night I along with tons of others I tuned in to watch The 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I loved all the cutesie little outfits and the walking and poses. I also thought all of the little themes per all of the outfits in the show fit into were adorable. Shoutouts to Justin, Rihanna, and Bruno because I thought they all were amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show! I was working on a paper while watching it as well. Gotta love college. These were some of my personal favorites --

The Biebs was also looking adorable. I just love him. 

Anyways, much later in the night while checking Twitter I saw many girls online bashing the Angels. Comments such as "that skinny is not attractive", and "probably anorexic" floated around the cybersphere. I happen to think these women are gorgeous. I have enough self love and respect to celebrate others beauty. I however, was trying to counteract those thoughts! I even challenged my followers to post some #bikinipics of their own! It got me thinking, why does watching something like the Victoria's Secret Fashion show make women so uncomfortable? Why are we not comfortable enough with our own bodies?

I have to say, these models are not the scary, skinny, unattractive ones. I think the Angels are toned, I think they have a figure. They work really hard for the figure that they have. 

We could all look like Angels! If you want to, you just have to work really hard.
It bothered me that someones first defence was to call them anorexic. I've dealt with a lot of body image issues in my life. I have battled eating disorders and to me, they are not something to take lightly or joke about. I always felt like no one understood what I was going through and honestly how could they? I felt like I alienated everyone around me. I had to retrain my brain. I will always have issues with my body. I am now more comfortable with my body, most of the time. It's been a long road. Loving yourself and the way you look is not easy by any means. I often don't see myself the way others do. As I'm growing up I'm becoming more comfortable in my own skin. 

I knew I had made a large stride when after watching the fashion show I wasn't in a state of self-loathing. I was actually inspired. I could have a more toned body, if I worked for it. And I promised myself I would. I am going to work to look like an Angel for when hubby gets home from deployment ( : 
What a goal!

Anyways lovelies, what did you think of the show?
What was your favorite?

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