Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

I have to share the ugly Christmas sweaters that my best friend and I made for a party.

While sitting at dinner my best friend and I were talking about what we were going to wear to an ugly Christmas sweater party. Erin says "I wish I could somehow say that I am the ugly sweater." I replied "Just put an ugly picture of you on the sweater!" Thus our magnificent Christmas idea was born.

We scoured Goodwill and found two red oversized sweaters, and a few matching ornaments as well as some wreaths.

We printed out some very gorgeous pictures of ourselves and duct taped them onto the front and back of the sweaters. We glued the other ornaments on and hung some off of the sweaters.

We pinned the wreaths in our hair and had an ugly picture of the both of us on the back of our sweaters.

We had a great time and even though some of the stuff fell off of our sweaters we still looked adorable. This was extremely fun and different from every other sweater at the party!

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